Rundown of Nintendo E3 Conference


With the Nintendo E3 confrence just coming to a close here are the main games and topics that shook up the show.

(Some have release dates)

  1. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – 2011
  2. Mario Sports Mix – 2011
  3. Wii Party
  4. Dance Party 2 (8 players)
  5. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS) – this holiday season
  6. Golden Eye – this holiday season
  7. Kirby’s Epic Yarn (2 players) – this fall
  8. Dragon Quest 9 (DS) – Mid July 2010
  9. Metroid: Other M – 8/31/10
  10. Donkey Kong Country (2 players) – this holiday season
  11. Nintendo 3DS- with new features: 3D Effect Slider, widescreen, touch screen on bottom panel, motion sensor, gyro sensor, analog control, 2 camera lenses for 3D pictures.
  12.  Kid Icuras: Uprising and Nintendogs & Cats are in production for the 3DS along many other third party games like from the Metal Gear, Kingdom Hearts and Resident Evil series.


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