New Releases: Electric Edge edition


 This weeks NEW releases has electricity in the air! Sly Cooper’s creator Sucker Punch has release a brand new title called ‘inFamous’. This shocking title has a release only for the Ps3. Trust us, you will want to play this game. The demo has been out for almost a week now. Get this game, become a superhero and save Empire City. Definitly look for a review on later this week about ‘inFamous’.



The player will show in this paragraph

  Another title that I am looking forward to is Cross Edge (or X Edge).  This Japanese RPG has already released in Japan last year. The game has received modest reviews, but its rare that North America can get a release like this one. This turn base battle system game was developed by Capcom, Nippon Ichi, Namco Bandi, Gust and Idea Factory.

Cross Edge (X edge)


  Pulling up the rest of the group is the game ‘Damnation’. A early 20th century alternate earth. Electricity has been replaced steam over many decades in their Steampunk culture.  There are steam powered vehicles that are able to do acrobatics and climb walls. Rebels fight the industrialist in this civil war game.




inFamous (PS3)

Cross Edge (PS3)

Damnation (PS3, Xbox 360)

UP (PS3, Wii, Xbox360)

Space Camp (Wii)

The Munchables (Wii)



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