Why The SNES Classic Isn’t Good For Nintendo Fans

The SNES Classic might seem like Nintendo is making...

Ubisoft E3 2017 Showed promise but plays it safe

  With Ubisoft's showcase happening not that long ago, we've...

Kirby’s Epic Yarn announced for Wii

Nintendo has officially announced a new Kirby game for the Wii. Kirby's Epic Yarn is maybe one of the most visually unique games at E3, the theme of the game is centered around yarn and threading, even Kirby himself is made up of cloth.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

Mario has had a big presence on the Wii more so than possibly any other Nintendo console, with Super Mario Galaxy and New Super Mario Bros. Wii Nintendo has shown that they want the plumber to make his presence known not only to Nintendo fans but to the video game industry.

Monday Video Game Giveaway Special

This week's giveaway is a little different as we are revolving it around the launch of our channel making its debut tomorrow. We will be giving the question out during the live broadcast and will provide the link to respond tomorrow. Trust us you won't want to miss tomorrow's prize.

The Death of Mario Kart?

Mario's racing days are in the past! Here are some better suggestions for players.

Monday Video Game Giveaway

This week's giveaway is a Wii title that has robots with big guns and very colorful graphics. This game will put you with a team mate to defeat some of the biggest robots you'll see. Monday’s Question: If a game character had to replace a piece of their body with a robotic one, who would it be and which part?
You only have until Tuesday 5PM EST. to enter, all you have to do is answer the question in this post. We will then close the giveaway and pick one lucky random winner.

Pokemon Black and White Coming Spring ’11

Two new Pokémon™ games, Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version, for the Nintendo DS™ family of systems will be released in North America in spring 2011.

Ace Attorney releases new DLC!

Ace Attorney’s Episode 5: Rise from the Ashes is now available for download on WiiWare!

Dragon Ball: Orgins 2 Gold and Demo Release Date

Dragon Ball: Origins 2 for the DS and a Demo for the Wii to be out later this month.

New Wii Ware and DSi Downloadables

Nintendo has released some new downloadable goodies for the Wii and DSi, so review, comment, and enjoy!


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