The Death of Mario Kart?

Since the days of Super Mario Kart, we all have enjoyed most of the games from the series. With the most recent iterations that was released being Mario Kart Wii, it had received some great reviews. It features new and remade tracks, choice between karts and motorcycles, and online racing. Although gameplay felt as if you are penalized for being in first place. Inescapable weapons that can hit you and hardly any defense for them. Minor no-free-for-all option in Mario Kart battle and due to the longevity of the series, the game is getting outdated.

A cure is given for those who want a great vehicular combat racing game. Here are four racing games that can put Mario Kart on the ropes.

This futuristic alternative has had mostly outstanding reviews on the presentation and visuals of the game especially since the game has sharp detail, amazing lighting, a distinct artistic style that is great to see while playing. The zone mode is also beautiful and addicting. The audio and soundtrack in the game are a perfect fit. Not only that but can also play your own music which is then integrated into the game while racing. Wipeout HD released the Fury Expansion Pack adding new vehicles and tracks. Also this combination is not expensive.

Sonic takes the lead on one of the best kart racers on the 360 and PS3 with other various Sega characters. This game has great pick up and play fun while having lots of characters with different racing styles. Online play works well for a racer of this type . The game is more than a copy, it has very responsive controls which helps with gameplay and beautiful track designs that are in HD. The music ranges from many of the previous Sega games like House of the Dead, Jet Set Radio and of course Sonic the Hedgehog. While it has only had a small amount, the game does have DLC. Sega’s DLC for this game is able to be played online and offline.

Going with the whole “Play, Create and Share” theme, this is overall an excellent kart racing game. The gameplay mechanics are on point and the deep level design tools are great for those with track ideas. This game has a new level of creativity. No other racing game lets you create your racer, car and track. ModNation also has DLC which is going to be just spewing out in the form of new racers, new vehicles and new tracks. Don’t forget the endless amount of ideas that players can post for the countless people to download.

Although this game is not a kart racer, it basically plays like one. The cars are modeled after real cars and tracks are modeled after real life places. The game has a great sense of speed and worth playing. The online play is very solid, game lobbies can incorporate many players, and due to the leveling system this adds great longevity to the game. Activision will be releasing DLC for this souped up racer. You can also take in game pictures and upload numerous forms of progress on facebook and twitter.

As you can see, none of these games are slouches. With constant Mario games being released, Mario Kart does not have 3 main things that the others do: HD visuals, DLC and a reliable online multiplayer function. The Wii is not able to go HD, their is hardly ever any DLC planned for titles, let alone Mario Kart and let’s not get into Nintendo’s online services. The 360 versions of Blur, Sonic & Sega All Star Racing and Wipeout HD for PS3 are able to play your own custom music. All of these things are not required to have fun in a racing game but Nintendo needs to upgrade this game to the present times. Mario Kart has been placed on such a high pedestal and it should be taken down a few notches. These 4 previously mention games should keep Mario Kart sitting on store shelves or at least make Nintendo rethink the franchise.


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    Im feeling vexed, yes..... vexed is a good word. I did battle with ignorance today, and ignorance won.


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Im feeling vexed, yes..... vexed is a good word. I did battle with ignorance today, and ignorance won.


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