E3: Session w/ Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

At E3 we were treated to a demoed session of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. This demo was split into 3 different scenarios, demonstrating a couple of things in the game. Future Soldier takes place between the years of 2015 and 2020 when there is new technology in the battlefield.

The first started off with the infiltrating team using an active camouflage stealth approach on the enemy camp. The mission changes from a kill target mission to a capture the target mission, so the team had to change its tactics to secure the war criminal.

The Optimal Camouflage invisible cloak looks great and works well but, the use of it is limited. As the player gets closer to a enemy, this can enable the option for a close quarter kill. One example of what we witnessed was a player-controlled soldier executing an enemy soldier from point-blank sitting on a gun turret and then holds up his lifeless body back into position as to not cause a disturbance from a passing guard.

While you are continuing your mission you have four other soldiers doing the same type of mission in a different section of the enemy base. There is a lot of communicating between the teammates so the cross com chat between the Ghost team is different, easier to use and understand. At the conclusion the player controlled soldier has the target in his sights but, the target is surrounded by guards. After calling a full strike on them, laser sights from other Ghost soldiers take out the guards while the player controlled soldier captures the target by knocking him out and smashing his head on the hood of a vehicle.

The second scenario starts you off as a sniper in a tower. You take out the pilot of an enemy helicopter while it tries to drop off enemy troops. The helicopter loses control and crashes. Then the sniper part was over just like that.

The third and final scenario concerns the team fighting through waves of enemies on the beach to escape. Whether it was wood or concrete, cover can wither and crumble away from gunfire. No place was safe for long.

Ubisoft stated that all weaponry and technology are based on real military prototypes. While Ghost Recon: Future Solider is not set to release till 2011, it looks amazing right now. The graphics are based on an improved engine from the previous Ghost Recon game, there will be multiplayer and four player co-op.  The demo was brief, extra details are scarce and it leaves you wanting more!


  • Ahphrow

    Im feeling vexed, yes..... vexed is a good word. I did battle with ignorance today, and ignorance won.


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Im feeling vexed, yes..... vexed is a good word. I did battle with ignorance today, and ignorance won.


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