Hands On: Split/Second

On the floor of the PAX East convention, there stood a section with a large Disney sign suspended above it. That section was to show off Split/Second; Disney’s new racing arcade game. We got the chance to grab the sticks and check out Split/Second first hand.

In basic arcade racing mode, we were able to select from a few fully tricked out rides (I drove the Camaro) and race in the streets against 8 other cars. Since this is an arcade style racing game, more attention is placed on the action rather than the realism of the cars performance, and like most arcade style racing games, there is a way to attack your opponents to give yourself an edge.

The difference in Split/Second lies there. Instead of driving over orbs or boxes to get weapons to attack your enemy, you build your meter based on your driving (drafting, drifting, passing…) Once your meter is filled, and an icon appears above an opponents head, you can trigger your attack. However, the attack doesn’t come from your car, but from the environment. Based on your location on the track, several different environmental obstacles appear to attempt to hinder your opponents, and like most games, the higher your meter fills, the more powerful the attack.

A highlight we experienced was racing in the streets of Seattle. We filled our meter to the max and a special icon appeared over our opponent’s cars. When we triggered it, a huge explosion toppled the tower, causing it to fall, and us to drive up and through it. There are a few different “track-altering” attacks that really add that WOW factor to the game.

Keep a lookout for Split/Second for XBox360 and PS3 on May 18th, and buckle up; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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