Review: Ghostbusters Provides Story/Co-Op Online Play

The new Ghostbusters game surprised many people. I think many people expected a game to bring people back to their childhood, and attempt to recapture some of the glory the Ghostbusters movies had many years ago. Those same people, I think, were very surprised. The story line places you in the Ghostbusters firehouse as a new recruit. You have the task of being the guinea pig, testing new proton-pack technologies as you patrol New York City for ghosts. The story-line seems to take place right after the second Ghostbusters movie ends, incorporating characters and ghosts from both movies in the game.

The online gameplay is very solid. Although there isn’t a co-op career mode, players can join with three other players to do co-op games that have competitive scoring. There are several different games that can be played online that require you to play a certain way. Your rank is attributed to the cash you make catching ghosts and completing games. As you move up in rank, you get a new title, and eventually new uniforms.

The gameplay itself is extremely fun. The game plays as a 3rd person shooter in a way but it doesn’t seem like your typical run and gun shooter. That can be attributed to the extremely entertaining script and well told story line. Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd both contributed to the script as well as provided the voiceovers for the game, which adds to the genuine feel of it.

The game has very solid graphics, with the characters portraying the actors’ likeness back when the movies were released.  The mixtures of dark settings with the brightness of the proton-pack blast really add to the visuals.  The gameplay itself is pretty solid, it takes a few minutes to get used to venting your pack before overheating, but other than that, the game uses the two-analog controls similar to most shooter games.  The game also has a decent replay value.  About halfway through the career mode you realize that you need to search for relics and scan all the ghost to add to the spirit guide for a trophy/accomplishment.

The game itself can stand alone as a great game, but with the new hype of a third Ghostbusters movie in production, it also serves as an appetizer for what’s to come. I, for one, can’t wait to get the main course.

Overall Rating = 8.5

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