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Vanquish Pre-order Goodies at Gamestop

Gamestop is always rolling out the goods for pre-order games so why should Vanquish differ? We got the scoop with the pre-order offers and what it'll offer.

E3: Hand-On w/ Vanquish

Sega and Platinum Games are set to show the world Vanquish, a third person shooter that gives you that Gears of War cover system but put their own style on it. The main character is a US agent named Sam, who has to fight off many Russian robot troops that are trying to gain a energy source to rule the world. We got a hands on at E3 and here's what we thought.

Yakuza 4 to be at E3

What's better than playing as a Japanese gangster? Sega has announced that they will be showing off Yakuza 4 at E3

Rocket Knight Review

Konami dug down deep from their past and chose a great game to return for gamers through Xbox Live Arcade and PSN. Find out if Rocket Knight was a good buy to get nostalgic for.


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