Published on December 4th, 2016 | by Rob Kwong

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite announced plus extend gameplay trailer

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Capcom announced their newest installation to the Marvel vs Capcom series, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. It’s been about 5 years since their last installation of the MvC series, and the amount of excitement from seeing the trailer has every fighting game fan screaming for joy. Right from the get go, fans are welcomed with a returning champion Megaman, but it’s Megamn X. On top of that, Infinity Stones are back in play, and it seems like they can be used during battles to bolster combos. Also as far as new challengers come about, Captain Marvel has entered the fray. What power’s she brings looks to be pretty brutal since she has energy blasts and super strength to her arsenal. Capcom also released first ever gameplay footage of the game showcasing, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Mega Man and RYU. They also gave us a better glimpse at even more fighters like Captain America and Morgan as well which you can check out on top or here.


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