Published on August 1st, 2012 | by Rob Kwong


Kickstarter: A blessing or a curse for gamers?

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Kickstarter has been a recent website that’s been popping up more and more in the gaming community. With the success of Tim Schaffer’s point and click adventure game project being funded in just a few hours or being posted, more and more game designers are looking for the same vein to strike gold from. Kickstarter is great for people trying to make the American dream happen, but what does it do for gamer who really want a game?
Being a backer for any project, can give you great benefits, like finding out all the processes that’s been taking place during the games entire development. Also depending on how much you decide to fund into the project there are set rewards that the developers choose to give you. But what happens when the funding isn’t quite there for the developer? Well there’s no risk for either party. Kickstarter seems to have in place a no completed funding goal, no money is exchanged deal. So gamers and developers are both safe from the risk of trying to create a game, the only real downside is the crash of dreams of a game being made. So with no risk no reward being considered why aren’t there more backers for great projects being funded?
Now that you know there’s little risk in funding a project, will it make you more likely to be a backer for a project or are you still skeptical?

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