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Onlive has been making it their mission that compatibility will be no issue when it comes to their software and hardware alike. With the release of their new app for Android tablets which allows you to now play games, they have made a Bluetooth controller to take full advantage of it. While the app itself on tablets is touch screen, not all games are available to play like that. Games like Assassins Creed and Unreal Tournament require the controller as it does not support touch screen capabilities nor would it be easy to do so.

One of the important things to note is that if you already own an Onlive micro-console what you will notice is that this controller looks exactly the same as the controller that comes with the system. Only difference being it is Bluetooth with a small image on top of the controller signifying that. Because of this I have taken a small snippet from our Onlive Console Review marked in grey underneath talking about the physical features of the controller.

[Taken from LVLONE’s Onlive Micro-Console Review] To our staff the control looks like a hybrid between the original Xbox S control and the PS3 controller which can be seen above. This one however has dedicated video playback features for the services brag clips that can be recorded directly from the controller. This we found to be a nice touch to the overall design of the control and well thought out. The top port of the controller is a micro USB port to charge the rechargeable battery or sync the control itself.

The controller’s D-pad is possibly not suited for anything more then quick direction tapping for an item with the game or menu as it’s really rough on the hands. The controller also doesn’t have a line in for a microphone setup as the console will use Bluetooth tech for headset chat. This will not favor those who already use a gaming headset with a mix amp as you will be able to listen to the game but will not be able to chat via the microphone.

The same can be said for this controller as it lacks a audio-in which will make people use a line-in to their tablet, computer or speak through the speaker.

We have tested the controller with the Micro-Console via the wireless dongle it comes with, Desktop computer via Bluetooth and Android tablet app via Bluetooth. All of them with great results. The Micro-Console allows you to use the controller just the same as the others and had no issues. For those looking to use the controller with their desktop and didn’t have a controller before will have an easy time linking it and firing up the app. Lastly those looking to take full advantage of the Onlive app for Android tablets will find the most satisfaction here.

The Onlive app on the Android tablets while good feels like it’s missing something without a controller so of course they’ve made it available. Something to take note of is some issues that people have been having connecting the controller to their tablets. It is to our understanding that the controller only really works with the new Bluetooth profile on the updated Android Software, Ice Cream Sandwich. Gingerbread did not work for us and we did not try Honey Comb to fully confirm but Ice Cream Sandwich does work.

Once your up and running you’ll see that everything works just as if you were on a desktop. You will notice a tiny amount of input lag from the Bluetooth controller, and the Onlive software. Nothing that can prevent competitive gameplay in a deep sense but games like Super Street Fighter IV need a snappy mind set while using the controller. I’ve managed to get a full session of Saints Row the Third with the controller on the app and have had no trouble whatsoever.

Bottom Line: For $49.99 you get the Onlive Universal Wireless Controller which works not only with your Android Tablet but computer and Micro-Console as well. Overall it is the go to for Bluetooth controllers for multipurpose, the best part is that it actually works for other games or applications on the computer or tablet! This is a strong recommendation to get this controller.

Underneath is a small demonstration video of the Universal Controller being used with the Android Tablet, enjoy!


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