Review: Logitech G35 PC Gaming Headset

As a gamer I’ve gone through a lot of headsets, and I mean a lot. I’ve used headsets for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC’s all ranging from $20 to $150 and they’ve all had their pros and cons. One of my recent purchases was the Logitech G35 7.1 surround sound gaming PC headsets.

The Logitech G35 headset seems like a pretty steep buy with a price tag of $130 (direct from Logitech currently marked down to $109), but it does offer tons of great options. First off let’s start with the 7.1 surround sound. The speakers are powered by Dolby 40 mm laser tuned speaker drivers with neodymium magnets. The seven channels give great highs and lows, and tons of mid range sound. Even if audio sources weren’t originally 7.1 channels and just stereo, the Dolby Pro Logic II works together with Dolby drivers to emulate 7.1 sound channels. Sound quality is pretty superb, and the ability to be able to switch regular stereo sounds to emulated 7.1 surround sound is amazing.

With sound quality being so great we expect the sound canceling microphone to be amazing as well right? Well yes and no. The microphone does have it’s ups and downs, it picks up everything, and I do mean everything. Supposedly the sound cancelling mic is supposed to not transmit background noises, but unfortunately the cancelling never occurs, that is unless you completely cut the feed by pushing the mute mic button on the side of the headset. On many different occasions I had people telling me that they could hear everything going on in the background, say a TV show or some music playing. This was a little disappointing, but overall the sound quality of the mic sound transferring through to the other side was very clear though.

The design for the G35 seems pretty solid. A matte black finish with red highlighted lettering in some places gives the G35 an almost stealth look to them. Three programmable buttons, a single microphone mute button, and a scroll wheel to turn the volume up or down on the left ear piece gives the headset a simplistic design.  Having all your buttons in one area in a solid area takes away from needing to fumble around a cord to mute your microphone or adjust volume settings. Since the cord is freed up from controls, Logitech gave the 10 ft cord a braided covering that extends all throughout the cord to the USB 2.0 plug. The headset also comes with three pads you can swap in and out for different size heads so you’re comfortable no matter how your head is shaped.

The Logitech G35 headset was a great buy in my opinion. They sound amazing, with so much clarity and depth to the sound drivers. The only real downfall for the G35 is that the microphone falls short in it’s noise cancelling, but to make up for it the installation CD offers some voice modification software to make you sound like a alien, or a orc, or a space squirrel. The G35 has been out for a few years but so far it’s still one of the better headsets I’ve used for my PC.

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