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Onlive Universal Controller Review

Onlive has been making it their mission that compatibility will be no issue when it comes to their software and hardware alike. With the...

E3 2011: Onlive Tablet App hands on

It was one year exactly where Onlive were just getting there foot in the door and showing the world what cloud gaming looked like. With a micro-console, TV and blu-ray player deals they have pretty much blown the door right up for the service. One of there next entries was there Onlive app running on tablet devices unveiled at there booth at E3. LVLONE got a chance to sit down with them and get some hands on to find out what it was all about.

CES 2011: Onlive making its way onto Vizio TVs and devices

It has been announced that the cloud based gaming service Onlive is partnering up with VIZIO. The company will be offering the service installed on their TVs, Blu-ray players and mobile devices. This will be standard on VIZIO's new VIA Plus line of products which will go into a whole new line of electronics this year. This is a big step for Onlive as it is one step closer into being a app line similar to Netflix on TVs.

Onlive Micro-Console Hardware Review

Onlive is a videogame streaming service that is launched by their application software on your computer, delivering the highest end PC games from their dedicated PC's where they can be remotely played in your house on either a windows computer or mac. Although the service is what they're ultimately selling they hope to really turn heads with there addition of the Micro-Console which will allow you to play the service with a number of usb controllers in 1080p on your HDTV. Click on the title link to check out our full review of the hardware and services

Onlive MicroConsole Unit Unboxing Video + Pics

We recently got its hands on a Onlive MicroConsole for the Onlive stream gaming service and here's an unboxing of what it looks like. We were impressed by the packaging and overall design and will have a full review of the unit in the coming days. Click the title for more on the unit, our preview to the service and pics.

Onlive has Wi-Fi Beta and Up To 75% Off Games

Recently Onlive has been testing out its Wi-Fi capabilities to a select few, now they're please to announce that the Wi-Fi beta is now open to all members. They will also be offering discounts of 50-75% on select games.


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