The Next Gen Console

For the past two years, there’s been rumors and speculation over what the next gen console will have and what it will be capable of doing. Also who will break the silence and be first to announce the next big monster that we’ll all throw our money at? Some information on the next Xbox has already been leaked (keep in mind it can all be speculation), such as what type of video card will be used and the power that it will have. Already boasting an impressive processing power that’s supposed to be six times greater than the current Xbox 360, the XBox 720 might also be capable of multi monitor configurations, 3D, 1080p output, and have DirectX11. All this packed into a little console!? The hardware we know will be very impressive in the 720, and we know that Xbox Live will be compatible with Windows 8/Games For Windows, but what really impresses me is that the experience will be rolled up with Kinect and be on Window mobile phones. Microsoft is bringing the big guns out this time around, one thing I’ll be excited to see is what type of format they’ll use for their game discs.

Sony on the other hand has always been on the forefront of technology (+1 for blueray!). The current PS3 is already using blueray discs, 3D capable, and boasts really incredible graphics, so what more will the PS4 have to offer? Being economic of course! At the age of recycling and being green, all the electronics we own definitely run up the electric bill. The new PS4 will consist of 60% of recycled materials and have a type of smart start system where the game starts from your last saved position rather than booting up the entire start up sequence. Power consumption already being lowered in the new PS3 systems will most likely be carried over to the PS4. I can see the gaming benefits from the fast start, and the greener machine, I mean after all, who really wants to pay a big energy bill at the end of the month?

Within the new two or three years we should be getting a real sneak peek of the systems and with more more detailed specifications and images of what they will look like. As for now everything can change. What would you like to see in the next generation console? Controller specifics, hardware specifics, or system capabilities let us know!


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