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Published on July 14th, 2011 | by Rob Kwong


Xbox 360 + PC = Windows 8?

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I recently read an article that toyed around with the idea of having the Xbox 360 run the new Windows 8, of course this is all speculation from hearing the rumor of Windows 8 possibly being able to play Xbox 360 games. The gears in my head started moving and I started wondering, why hasn’t Microsoft come out with a PC/Xbox 360 console type of system? Of course there are a lot of reasons why it may or may not be possible since the layout of the circuitry and chip sets may be a little different but all in all it could be possible. After all, the early buyers of the Playstation 3 included the option of loading Linux to the hard drive to run different applications. If not create a computer to run Xbox, why not create and Xbox that can run Windows?

If you really think about it the possibility of a PC or a Mac integrating a full system set up into a regular computer isn’t that problematic. Even if you’re a fan boy of either be it Playstation 3, Xbox 360, or even possibly the new Wii U, maybe even all three could quite possibly be set up into your computer. Emulation has come a long way into making old games playable on computers already so why haven’t game makers just bit the bullet and offered the combination of the two? With emulation comes with controllers, and many people have just used the Xbox 360’s controller to play many of their emulated games. Of course the PS3 controller can be used as well but with some minor downloadable software to recognize the six-axis and buttons, same for the Wii controller. While almost all consoles have the HDMI output and most TV’s have HDMI inputs, playing your games on the big screen can be as simple as hooking up a HDMI from the tower to the TV, and if you’re worried about there being too many wires around or not having the computer in the same room as the TV, then wireless would be the way to go. With a separate adapter that allows everything from the PC to stream to the TV who says it’s not possible?

Considering all the benefits for the consumer that could come out of joining the console and PC, it really could be beneficial to developing companies as well. Instead of spending millions on research and development for how the next generation console will look and what it can have, they can spend it on developing add-ons that are plug and play. Don’t have Blue-tooth? No problem, just add an adapter. Want better visuals in your game to make it run smoother? Just go out and upgrade your video card. Consumers also get the benefit of having the best platform to play on, giving them the most up to date game console, having only one place to store all their games whether it be direct download to the hard drive or by disc, and the comfort of playing with keyboard and mouse for more precision or with controller to play a little more casual.

The big three have always been ridiculed over the price of new consoles, but if they system was integrated with so much more the entry point to buy the new system wouldn’t be frowned upon. Considering most PC’s even on a budget only cost around $500-$700, and with customized behemoth computers that can cost up to $5000 or more, why can’t we have the best of both console and PC worlds in one? Gamers and their family probably would most likely look into purchasing the system since it kills two birds with one stone, a PC and a game console for the family to use. The console company would also be able to create different entry points into the system. Casual players most likely would purchase the lower priced system, and hardcore gamers may spend money on the system that gives the the best performance out of everything.
Again just keep in mind this is all just food for thought. Whether this is what the future of gaming can become may be a coincidence but just keep in mind that you read it here. Also you kind of have to admit, you kinda want that PC system that can do all that stuff so you don’t have to turn your computer on while playing your console, just to see who wants to play a round of Call of Duty on Facebook. If companies were to come out with something like this would you be willing to purchase it? If you would or wouldn’t let us know why, we’re definitely interested in hearing from our readers on the subject.

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