Call of Duty Black Ops: What We Know So Far

News of Black Ops have been flying left and right the past few days of what Black Ops will have to offer, and I must say it is all pretty overwhelming. Originally I was semi impressed of what Treyarch was offering us in their rendition of the Modern Warfare franchise, but as more information is getting released to us the more and more appealing the game is turning out. So here’s a list of what we know so far for the Multiplayer part of the game, keep in mind nothing is set in stone and things may change.

COD Points: In game currency used to purchase upgrades, outfits, killstreaks, emblems, customization for weapons, customization for looks, and is also used in “betting” for competitive Wager game mode. More on Wager mode later.

Killstreaks: This is one of the more important aspects of the game play. From what we hear kills from killstreaks do not count towards the next killstreak. Meaning to get up to the 11th kill streak kills must be made manually with loadout weapons. Current killstreaks are lined up as shown:

* 3 kill streaks: Spy Plane, RC-XD

* 4 kill streaks: Counter-Spy Plane, SAM Turret

* 5 kill streaks: Care Package, Napalm Strike

* 6 kill streaks: Sentry Gun, Mortar Team

* 7 kill streaks: Attack Helicopter, Valkyrie Rockets

* 8 kill streaks: Blackbird, Rolling Thunder

* 9 kill streaks: Chopper Gunner

* 11 kill streaks: Attack Dogs, Gunship

Combat Training: This is something new and innovative to the COD franchise. Training will be either single or co-op and give players the ability to practice games off-line to get accustomed to the levels. Bots are available within training to get a semi-realistic game play. Treyarch hopes that this mode will get gamers who don’t play online a chance to practice before jumping into a real online game so they aren’t as humiliated.

Replay System: You read it right, Treyarch has given braggers an easier way to upload and record their game winning kills in a “Halo Forge” styled system. Players can review each game through the point of any player and through any angle.

Contracts: Contracts is another way of making COD Points. Pay for a contract, complete the task assigned to the contract such as getting 10 kills within a game within an allotted amount of time and gain more points in return. Fail and well… there’s no returns on failed tasks.

Wager Matches: A way to put your COD Points where your mouth is. Think you have what it takes to make money and rack up kills at the same time? Wager matches gives players a way to put COD Points on yourself in a game. Top three players get paid, and everyone else… Well they don’t quite really matter since only the top three get paid. Within Wager matches are different game modes.

“One in the Chamber” pits players against each other armed with just one pistol and one bullet. Killing someone else earns you an extra bullet, but missing leaves you with just a knife.

“Sticks and Stones” gives everyone a tomahawk, a ballistic knife and a crossbow, and hitting an opponent with a tomahawk automatically bankrupts them.

“Gun Game” has players progressing through the various gun tiers, a kill moves you up to a stronger weapon, but dying drops you back down.

“Sharp Shooter” gives everyone a series of random weapons, with everyone switching to the next randomly selected one after a certain amount of time that has passed.

Care Package Weapons: Care package only weapons in the game so far include Death Machine: a gatling/mini gun, and Grim Reaper: a four incendiary round rocket launcher.

Regular Weapons:

Assault Rifles: AK-47, AUG, Commando, G11, M16, FAMAS, Galil, M14, Enfield, FN FAL

Submachine: Guns MAC-10, MP5K, AK-74u, Skorpion, Spectre M4

Light Machine Guns: RPK, HK21, M60

Sniper Rifles: L96A1, Dragunov, WA2000

Shotguns: SPAS, KS-23, Stakeout/ Ithica, Olympia

Pistols: M1911, Python, Makarov, ASP, CZ75

Launchers: China Lake, RPG-7, M72 LAW

Grenades: Frag, Smoke, Concussive, Gas

Miscellaneous Weapons and Equipment: Ballistic Knife, Camera Spike, Crossbow, C4, Flamethrower, Knife, Tomahawk, Tactical Insertion Extended Mag, Dual Mag, Masterkey Shotgun, Flamethrower, M203, Suppressor, Snub Nose, Speed Reloader, Flashlight, Grip, Swarovski Scope, Red Dot Sight, Infrared Scope, ACOG Sight, Reflex


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