E3: Hands-On w/ Hard Corps: Upising

In the mix of big time games at E3 was a great future downloadable game called Hard Corps: Uprising, which is a side-scrolling shooting game. Created by Arc Systems Works, the game is being published by Konami and we can’t wait for this one. Visuals are crisp and vibrant with a mix of 2D characters with 3D backgrounds, much to the same style of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. This is an excellent new look on those games like Contra and Metal Slug. More so infact the game pays homage to Contra: Hard Corps.

It starts off with Bahamut, a soldier and his rebel army in a war. There are going to be multiple game modes for all to enjoy, including Rising Mode, which helps you upgrade your armor, weapons and abilies. This future run and gun game can let players go solo, co-op, and co-op online. The gameplay runs smooth but is a little difficult to play at first, however draws to the excitement once you get the hang of it. To help fight agianst the difficulty players are able to shoot in all directions, save power-ups, double jump and air dash. Look for it to release later this year



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