Mortal Kombat: What we know so far

With the newly announced Mortal Kombat our staff at LVLONE have compiled a list of things announced, things shown at E3 and stuff possibly rumored. Here is what we know so far for Mortal Kombat.

• The game has been announced for the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles.

• The game will include the option to play in Stereoscopic 3D for the PS3 as well.

• Old backgrounds return, but with a darker grittier look. Classic stages like the Pit, Acid Bath, Haunted Forest, etc. return with new designs and subtle differences from their originals.

• All characters and backgrounds are rendered in full 3d, while the actually fighting is in 2d, just like the old days. Not only are characters rendered beautifully, but battle damage can now be seen on fighters during the course of each fight. From scars, to bleeding fleshy faces, to ripped clothing and missing body chunks… it really is a work of art.

• Classic moves remain in the game. From Scorpion’s spear to Sub-Zero’s ice blast, it’s all there.

• With a new “super meter”, custom combos are easier to pull off as well as combo chains that have never been done before…think ground combo into a pop-up combo into an aerial grab.

• The meter also allows you to perform a stronger version of any regular move from the characters.

• At the end of the super bar lays an “X”. This “X” is used for what’s called an X-Ray move. New to the series, the x-ray move is different and special to each character. The x-ray move delivers a 2-3 hit devastating combo that inflicts massive amounts of damage. For example, Sub-Zero freezes then crushes your liver, then while you bend over in pain he head butts you cracking your skull and jaw. Another x-ray example, Reptile gouges your eyes with two fingers, snaps your neck, then finished with a kick to the chest which shatters ALL your ribs. X-ray moves will not only change the tide of battle, but are sure to put Mortal Kombat at the top of any fighter gamer’s wish list.

• With the new remains the old. FINISH HIM!! That’s right, fatalities are back to their original glories with even more blood, guts, and gore than ever before. Along with character specific fatalities, stage fatalities return as well (the pit, acid bath, subway, etc.). Unfortunately, due to the game’s darker theme, “friendships” will not be included in this title…but “brutalities” may see a triumphant return.

• From a sneak peek at the character select screen, 26 characters will be available with room for DLC characters as well as custom creatable characters. Eight confirmed characters of the 26 are Scorpion, Mileena, Reptile, Sub-Zero, Kung Lao, Johnny Cage, Nightwolf, and Sektor.

• New game play modes are introduced as well. 2-on-2 fights make a break through appearance in the series. Much like Marvel vs. Capcom 2, your tag partner is able to assist in combos, perform assistance attacks with a press of the button, and a second player from one console is able to jump into the fray to control your second character (presumably by pressing start in the character select screen). Online is also enabled for this title, so not only will you have 1-on-1 fights but 2-on-2 fights as well. Also, in online 2-on-2 battles, you will be able to pit 2 real life opponents against two real life opponents. Just imagine you and your brother/sister vs. mom and dad for who will take out tonight’s trash.

• The game will ship early next year 2011.

With awesome character intros, bloody fatalities, new and redesigned stages, online play, and 2-on-2 battles…Mortal Kombat seems like it is shaping up to be a great addition into the next generation fighting game library. We will will be updating this page with new info as it comes in.


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  1. from the looks of it, they bringing back pure fun. Lets hope there’s actually a story this time that makes sense …

  2. I wonder what new characters are going to be introduced? But this looks to be an awesome edition!!

  3. as much as i was craving for a 2D MK, i think this one is not different from the rest of the 3D MKs after i’ve seen the gameplay trailer. the characters are too big or close to the screen and the hitting feels hollow just like the 3D MKs! so it appears to me that his is a 3D MK gameplay patern with a fixed 2D camera. still early to judge but i’m affraid things may not turn the way most of us wish them to.


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