Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

Mario has had a big presence on the Wii more so than possibly any other Nintendo console, with Super Mario Galaxy and New Super Mario Bros. Wii Nintendo has shown that they want the plumber to make his presence known not only to Nintendo fans but to the video game industry.

The original Super Mario Galaxy was a great title that is still considered one of the best games for the Wii, combing classic Mario platforming with gravity phyisics the game made a winning combination. However now Nintendo looks to surpass the original in every way, although many gamers were skeptical that the sequel would not be a significant improvement over the orignal however Nintendo has proven them wrong.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is built off the original’s game engine so everything that made the first game great is still here, however the developers have learned from the few mistakes they made the first time and tweaked them all to near perfection and it’s becuase of this fact the game reaches a level in quality few other games reach on any console.

One of the first things gamers will notice is how streamlined the game is, at the very beginning of Galaxy 2 you’re given control of Mario in a 2D format similar to New Super Mario Bros. Wii, here the game teaches the controls of the game and begins the events of the story. Also the Hub world is now gone, replacing it is the world map style similar to that of Super Mario Bros. 3. These changes might initally seem like the game is being aimed at casual gamers rather than hardcore gamers but the changes are for the better, anything streamlined doesn’t really feel as if the game is only focusing on casual players but instead just helping them to get into the motions of the game.

The basic gameplay is still the same from the original Galaxy, Mario has his usual platform jumping skills and he must get through a variety of levels that and collect stars along the way. Most of the levels have the gravity engine as the focus, players will be jumping from planets and platforms all with their own gravitational pull for those that didn’t play the first Galaxy, this was a big feat in platform gaming and it could take some getting used to.

The graphics in Galaxy 2 are similar to part 1 which is no surprise, the game isn’t HD by any means but it’s still great to look at and probably the best graphics that the Wii has ever delivered. Nintendo obviously added as much polish as it could so that the game would run smoothly as possible while still keeping it’s graphics pleasant to look at.

Sound is also done with care in Galaxy 2, almost all of the musical scores fit in well with the levels and mood of the game. The music really gives an energy to Mario’s adventure maybe even more so than in previous titles. Sound effects are also nice, non of the characters have any actual lines of spoken dialog but that’s expected from a Mario game, however the sounds of all that’s happening around you is enough to give your ears a treat to listen to.

Perhaps what makes Super Mario Galaxy 2 so good is because it appeals to casual gamers and hardcore gamers. Casual gamers will like how easy it is to get into and since the game only requires about half the stars in the game to actually beat it the game becomes very accessible to anyone. However hardcore gamers will enjoy the game too because of the challenges, some levels are almost brutally difficult to complete and will be a real opportunity for gamers to measure up their true skills.

Overall Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one of the best games for the Wii and probably one of the best platforms in this generation of consoles. Everything about the game is polished, presentation, graphics and sound are all well done. However most important the basic gameplay is a solid foundation that the developers have used to make some of the most creative levels and challenges in any video game. If you have a Wii Super Mario Galaxy 2 is highly recommended.

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Overall = 9.0

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