Hands on Impression Halo: Reach Beta Generator Defense

The last update for Halo: Reach beta before it went out today is Network Test 1 .. or Generator Defense as we all know it. Generator Defense mode is different then the others. Three Spartans versus Three Elites, Spartans must guard 3 generators from being destroyed by you know who. Each team has four different load outs to choose from but in the beginning all that matters is how quick you can get to a generator before the other team does. At the start of the round each team is at their designated bases, and within 5-10 seconds ordnance is dropped in random locations from above. First to reach the drop gets to reap the benefits of either a rocket launcher, Spartan laser rifle, or plasma launcher.

While playing as the Elites I noticed trying that attacking from a far distance with the Needler Rifle (Type-31 Rifle) or even short burst with the plasma repeater (Type-51) did very little in terms of damage. The most effective way seems to be up close and personal. Communication between your teammates also plays a vital role in this game type. Planning your attacks accordingly and letting your team know when and where to attack will definitely lead to a win.

The Spartans role for defending the generators is simple but challenging. Locking down a generator is definitely key in protecting a generator. Locking down a generator is the same thing as the armor lock ability for the Spartan, the lock down lasts for thirty seconds and can be re-activated 3-5 seconds after the cool down is complete. Their isn’t too much to the Spartan side other than getting your butt over to the generator area and literally putting your Spartan’s life on the line to halt the attack. However they do have a new gun to play with.

The M319 IGL (more formally Individual Grenade Launcher, Caliber 40mm, M319) is a single shot, break-action, grenade launcher firing 40mm ammunition. Because of its simplicity, ruggedness, and firepower, the M319 has been a mainstay within the UNSC Army’s arsenal since its official adoption in 2263. This gun has two types of shots a single release explosion or holding the trigger down to delay the explosion until release or contact.

Generator Defense is a fun game mode. I can’t wait till it’s open to larger maps where their can be different types of strategies in place for attacking and defending. Possibly multi-leveled stages? Something like a single base with 5 different levels with generators on every other level would be amazing. The one thing that bugged us is when a game goes into sudden death. We had the pleasure of being in numerous games where the generator would open in the last possible second in sudden death but the game would end anyway when it should end when it closes. As the Beta comes to a close hopefully Bungie gets this game out to everyone soon with everything we loved in and everything we didn’t out.

If you have’t checked out impressions of Playlist 1 and Invasion then what are you waiting for?



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