Video Review: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

With some of the best online experiences you’ll ever have in a video game, find out why Modern Warfare 2 became one of the biggest blockbusters in entertainment history. Check out our video review.

Note: This video review was intended around Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s release back in November but was not released due to the delay of LVLONE 2.0 launch.



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Aykut D.
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  1. Was this video review posted around the time of release? I mean the way the reviewer speaks it is as if the game is barely out yet. If this is infact a review posted up today and is brand new this is terrible.

    I mean if it is new the reviewer shouldn’t be reviewing the game as if it was brand new. He should now be focusing on the way the multiplayer is fundamentally flawed, every day a new game breaking glitch is found. He should also state that the game takes about 4 hours to complete on any difficulty.

    When a video review is posted this late it should be pretending it was made back in November. This game is terrible and the only reason people still play it in droves is because there is sadly nothing else to play.

  2. yea it seems like it was intended to be released then or was delayed till now?, I wouldn’t say modern warfare 2 is broken but the aftermath is apparent that the game has plenty of bugs, which infinity wards are trying to fix all the time. Its still one of the best FPS around and you can’t take that away from it.


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