Xbox Live Update Initial Impression

The world finally got its big Xbox Live update today in the form of Facebook, Twitter,, and Zune. The new features are numerous, on the Facebook side players can now update their statuses, view their images, and message their friends. Twitter users can tweet, and everyone can listen to their favorite tunes through And of course there’s the Zune video features.

What I found interesting initially was how fast the downloads were, I was able to get Facebook and up and running within seconds. The first thing of course I had to do was update my Facebook status, unfortunately it was at this time I came across one problem, I didn’t have the Xbox type pad so I was forced to type in each letter the hard way, with the controller. Now I know paying $20 for the attachment isn’t a big deal but I have no plans on buying one so I can already tell using my Xbox to update my Facebook isn’t going to be a common occurrence. Other than that though, it’s pretty cool going through me and my friend’s pictures, and I actually thought the interface worked well.

Stay tuned to find out what we think of Twitter,, and Zune in the coming days. Also feel free to let us know what your impressions are, do you think this update will really change the way you use social media? or is it just another gimmick?


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