What games are coming up for Xbox 360?


It seems as though Microsoft’s gaming system always has several games that are on the horizon of being released, however if you’ve already beaten Resident Evil 5, and Halo Wars then you might be thinking what next? Well there are plenty of games on the release calender, and here are just a few I picked out that I think are going to stand above the other titles.

Red Faction: Guerrilla
The original Red Faction was released for the PS2 early on the last-gen machine’s cycle. The main draw of the title was it’s destructible environments. Taking place in the underground mines of Mars, players were able to dig, and blow up the landscape as they pleased. Metal door locked? No problem, just plant a grenade on the rock surrounding it. Enemies coming your way on a bridge? Just aim your rocket launcher at the floor. The latest title looks to take these gaming dynamics and expand on them, giving you the ability to destroy practically anything in the game. This definitely a game to keep your sights on.

An open world game taking place in New York City, Prototype is one of the few titles coming out for Xbox 360 that is completely original. Similar to other open world games like Grand Theft Auto, Prototype allows you to roam New York City and lets you do whatever you want in it. However the similarities stop there, as in the world of Prototype an infection has taken over New York City and you as the player are some how connected to it all. Your character wakes up to find super natural strength, speed, and other abilities. Fighting both the military and hordes of infected creatures the player must find out the answers to the infection and his own power before New York is completely destroyed.

Halo 3: ODST
An expansion to the Xbox’s biggest franchise, Halo 3:ODST doesn’t put you in the role of master chief but a lowly marine. Meaning you won’t be able to do the crazy stunts that the green spartan can do. Not much is known about the game now but you can be sure that bungie is putting plenty of effort into this title.

Modern Warfare 2
Another title where not much is known now. However not much needs to be known to see that this title will be wildly popular. Sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare which broke many records on Xbox Live, beating even the machine’s flagship title Halo 3 in number of online matches for months. Modern Warfare 2 will most likely expand on all those things you loved about the first including slick graphics, addictive gameplay, and a great multiplayer experience.


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