What games are coming out for PS3?


Ok I have a lot of respect for Sony, don’t get me wrong. They played a huge role in the gaming industry with the Psone and PS2, but I have to say Sony’s latest system is not very appealing to me. It’s expensive for one, but more importantly than that there hasn’t been too many exclusive games on it that really have that system seller feel to it. This is not my opinion alone, the market has left the electronics giant in last place in the console wars since it’s release. Having said that I’ll admit the console does have some interesting games on it’s line up, these up coming titles could help Sony a lot, here are a few.

Sony has been pushing this one for months now, an open world game that puts you in the shoes of an everyday man with some not so everyday powers. The title also allows you to use your abilities for good or evil, giving you a sense of responsibility for the world you inhabit. Infamous also puts you up against what is said to be iconic villains. At this point not much is known about the story or even some of the gameplay mechanics. But with what we know now the game looks like a lot of fun. You can look for it in June 2009.

Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time
The direct squeal to the franchise’s previous title Ratchet and Clank: Future Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty. A Crack in Time promises many of the same gameplay fans have grown to love about the series, however it will also introduce new content such as space battles and will continue the now epic story of the two characters while also revealing some of the overall series mysteries. Look for it in the 3rd quarter of 2009.

Uncharted 2
The first Uncharted game is one of the great exclusive titles for Sony’s system. Featuring cinematic graphics, tight gameplay and an interesting story, Drake’s Fortune was a hit. The sequel seems to expand on the previous game in almost every aspect. However now your taken from the green jungles to the concrete kinds, Uncharted 2 puts you in several run down cities, changing the franchises feel significantly. Another major game mechanic is the ability to choose between stealth and simply running and gunning, this time around Drake will face even more opponents so your choices will have a big impact on how you experience the game. Uncharted 2 is set for the third quarter of 2009.

God of War III
Arguably one of the biggest titles on Sony’s line up is Kratos’s latest outing. The original GOW and it’s sequel were two huge additions to the PS2’s already big library. Both title’s pushed the system to it’s graphical limits, and both delivered gameplay that’s was purely an adrenaline rush. Fighting a wide range of mythological beasts Kratos became the ultimate bad ass in the video game industry. Now GOW III will put you up against even more creatures and even bigger bosses. This one is a given if you own a PS3.

And there you have it a few games I think are going to play major parts in Sony’s struggle to reach the top of the console market. It has a long way to go but Sony is determined and with Sony’s track record, will be a major contender in the gaming industry for many years.


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