Getting Mad Trippy with The Flash movie Review

First and foremost I wanted to commend the fact that this movie was actually released, the pandemic, movie changes and several moments of uncertainty left many not knowing the state of the movie but we finally got it! Thanks to Warner Brothers and Boutique Publicity, we had the privilege of attending an early screening of The Flash, a movie that explores the origins of one of DC’s beloved superheroes. The film centers around the iconic Flashpoint storyline, where our protagonist, seeking to clear his father’s name and save his mother, inadvertently triggering a series of inter-dimensional timeline events. The reality he once knew is completely altered, and he must navigate through this new world to set things right.

The movie stays true to its core objective, which is to delve into the origins of the Flash and provide insight into who he is as a person. It defied my expectations in many ways, with unexpected surprises unfolding throughout the plot. Ezra Miller delivers a stellar performance as the Flash, effortlessly embodying both comedic and serious moments, showcasing the depth of his character from two different prospectives. Another standout was Michael Keaton’s return as Batman, a nostalgic treat that was met with well-deserved fanfare.

One of the movie’s brightest highlights for us was the introduction of Supergirl on the big screen, portrayed brilliantly by Sasha Calle. Her on-screen presence exuded strength and an unparalleled level of badassery, making her a captivating addition to the film. Her sheer determination and will enhanced the overall experience.

However, the film falls slightly short in terms of having a true villain protagonist. While there is a villain present, the multiverse conundrum and the revelations that unfold throughout the story somewhat dilute the sense of a formidable antagonist. It leaves you yearning for a more central and impactful villainous force.

The action sequences and set pieces in the movie are spectacular, providing thrilling moments that will leave audiences at the edge of their seats. However, some of the visual effects (VFX) utilized in the film are questionable and occasionally overused. While certain stylistic choices worked, there were instances where the VFX could have been executed more effectively. The portrayal of two Barry Allens on screen, one from the original timeline and another made to look younger with longer hair, didn’t quite hit the mark and felt somewhat jarring at times when both were on screen at the sametime.

Overall, The Flash offers a highly enjoyable experience, filled with fun moments, explosive action, and heartwarming scenes. It successfully blends comedy, plot intricacies, and adrenaline-inducing sequences to keep viewers engaged. Although we remain uncertain about the future of The Flash in the DC reboot, this film serves as an entertaining ride that will captivate audiences with its strong plot, humor, and action.


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