EA Brings EA Access – Netflix Style Subscription Service To Other Platforms.

EA has revealed that it plans to expand its subscription services – like Xbox One’s EA Access and PC’s Origin Access – to “other platforms”, although doesn’t specify exactly what they’d be.

CEO Andrew Wilson shared the success of the existing subscription services, before revealing its future plans:

“Our subscription services like EA Access and Origin Access are bringing more players from across our network to join in. Our subscription player base continues to grow. And you should expect us to continue driving this model to more platforms going forward.”

Wilson further explained the significance of the subscription model to EA:

“The one thing that’s often lost when we have this conversation is that unlike linear media, the subscription fee paid is not the total value of what a player might expend as they enjoy the games they play inside of subscription…”

” And so we believe long term, while it may take us some years to facilitate that at the kind of scale that we expect it to evolve to, in the same way that digital music and digital movies have evolved, the upside for the interactive entertainment industry is uncapped by virtue of the value of live services that are born inside of a subscription.”

The rise of the kinds of microtransactions that Wilson is talking about have been the subject of recent controversy around the issue, not least as EA shut down Visceral Games and pivoted its single player game to a live service model.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen also mentioned existing services will likely be expanded as well :

“We’ve been doing a lot of work on Origin Access and EA Access. And as Andrew mentioned, you’ll most likely see those on other platforms. And you’ll most likely see additional content coming into those subscriptions and some exciting things to come there. But we believe that’s a very important way for more consumers to enjoy more games over time at a very reasonable price.”
The Access services currently offer a “total access” of free-to-download EA games, discounts and early access for new titles for a monthly payment.

The subscription business model for gaming is slowy being accepted. Looking at it from a glass half full perspective, the revenue generated from the monthly model will be consistent for the publishers and developers. These resources, in theory, will enable developers and publisher to produce more content for a game well beyond the typical amount for DLC.

For example, Deus Ex: Mankind: Mankind Divided only has 3 story DLC for the title. If under the monthly perscription model, the monthly revenue could enable the publisher/developer to create more dlc content for Deus Ex: MD thus creating more value then 3 story DLC.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section if you believe gaming subcriptions are the future.


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