Bloodforge Review

XBLA titles have grown from its original conception. A little after the birth of the Xbox 360 they were only allowed a limited size amount to be made with. This led to restrictive development although very interesting games to be released. With most of that has been lifted today production value for some titles are on the quality of full fledge titles. This is no exception for Bloodforge, a third person action hack n slash that makes it’s way onto XBLA. Unfortunately there are issues surrounding the game that plague it from delivering something really worth holding on to.

You are Crom, a Celtic warrior who seeks revenge for the ones responsible for making him kill his wife. He his then led by a god to go after the one he is after. The premise should already sound too familiar as it’s a series that still goes on today. Although the story is meant to engage you and almost feel the pain for Crom it doesn’t. Cut Scenes are done well which does keep you immerse in the experience.

The unique graphical art style and color pallet really do the game justice. The world is vibrant in it’s dark shadow portrayal.The game is also known for its gore which it does not leave any shortage of. Most of what you’ll see is black and white with red all over.

The combat system is the games main draw and it does deliver on some aspects. Providing some different weapons variant, power ups and collectables it does try to keep the repetitiveness from a hack n slash to a minimal. Bosses while far and in between look good and are mostly different in nature. There is also the ability to battle your friends likeness online for leaderboard scores after sections in the game which is a pretty cool feature, unless no one you know has the game rendering it useless.

This is not without its flaws and this has some that keep the game from performing at it’s best. The camera system in this game is by far a real travesty. It seems to be physically tethered behind you and doesn’t know how to keep up with the action. Not to mention rocking left, right, up and down with every bump. The game also suffers from glitches that sometimes make it hard to downright play. Characters disappearing, unable to hit or be hit and my favorite the double roll ..

Bloodforge has redeeming qualities and being unique of it’s kind on Xbox Live Arcade is a plus. However the amount of issues the game suffers with and not to mention the story that has been told before makes it hard to enjoy the way you should. The production value and flashy moves alone make it worth taking a look at but for 1200 MS point’s its a toss up.


  • Remy Cuesta

    [Editor-in-Chief] Co-founder of LVLONE I work to bring you our readers a fun outlet to read tech and gaming news, reviews and experiences.


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Remy Cuesta
Remy Cuesta
[Editor-in-Chief] Co-founder of LVLONE I work to bring you our readers a fun outlet to read tech and gaming news, reviews and experiences.


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