Sonic Generations Review – The Good Old Days

Sega has finally answered our desires. Running at blistering speeds, at many miles prowler ( get it) and all in today’s HD. Sonic Generation puts Sonic and his younger self against time where these two must go through all the iconic stages that have made Sonic’s career over the years. You will be filled with nostalgia as you blast through the stages and for newcomers this is the grand opportunity to explore what made sonic the Icon he is. As with most games, Sonic Generations has its short comings, however does our blue blur has what it takes in this game?

Sonic Generations is how we remember him dating back to 1991. You will feel like you’ve been here before but in a much different way. Imagine taking a time machine back to when you were a kid playing these games yet having the skills you do now? For those that have been gaming for years will have that feeling. Both Sonic’s run at a very fast pace however, Modern Sonic’s speed is top notch. Outside of the main story there is a lot to do here, players can do side missions to collect extra content like music, art , etc… Some challenges are annoying but overall they are short and sweet. Collecting chaos emeralds are simple, which if your a fan of the original games can be lackluster at best. The game will keep you busy with plenty of challenges and content to collect though.

Sega’s Engine for the game does a very good job in presenting our blue hero in HD goodness. Reliving the earlier stages of Sonic’s career felt like a treat. It is like having the same “ooo, ahh” moments when you were a kid. Modern Sonic’s levels have great color and graphics but can be less appreciated since the sense of speed keeps you from enjoying it all. This speed is something that we also love about the game so it works out.

The sound is the cornerstone of all its nostalgia goodness. The chimes from gathering rings, the impeding countdown of air when your about to drown , all the way down to the theme music of the stages bring a warm and fuzzy feeling of the past. Some of it has never changed but to hear it all come together is a real treat. All the songs are remixed, but they retain the original melody. The sound’s are clear and precise. The voice acting are typical of a sonic game, and the dialogue often makes reference to past as a side joke.

Although over the years we’ve gotten a custom to holding our thumb on the directional pad, watching our blue friend race his way alongside the stages we forgot there was a time when we had to jump around to get from place to place. This makes the jumping parts feel kind of floaty that plagued the Sonic 4 Episode One game. This was only really apparent in the Classic Sonic stages. Modern Sonic’s only gripe is its stop and go. The slightest step can grind you to a halt and most are designed for you to jump at precise moments so you must anticipate this before falling into a pit. Luckily Sega added a Fall Icon which helps greatly.

Sonic Generations is the game fans have been waiting for. Instead of trying to make another game where he try’s to catch up to Nintendo’s mustached mascot, Sega brought back what made us fall in love with Sonic in the first place. The game is designed to reintroduce a 20 year legacy to newcomers and a gift of appreciation for the fans since Sonic ran on the Genesis . Even with some of its minor gribes, its great to play and relive Sonic’s glory. Whether new or seasoned, Sonic Generations is blast to play.



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