Battlefield 3’s Weapon Customization

Are you just as eager as the hundreds who have pre-ordered the game to see what Battlefield 3 will look like in its final stage? Or are you in the on the other side waiting to see it fail because you prefer Call of Duty? Either way you put it, the Battlefield 3 Alpha has been released and from the looks of it, weapon customization is going to be at its peak in the Battlefield series.

As you notice from the picture above, trees are knocked down. That’s because the game uses real physics. If you throw a grenade in between three helpless trees. What happens next? The trees fall after the grenade discharges. If the grenade is too far away from the tree to knock it down, you can see the trees sway from the shock wave from the blast. That right there is only scratching the surface as to what the collapsible environment will look like. Also noticeable from the picture below is the laser dot attachment. If you place a red dot scope and laser dot mount on a gun, the laser will be visible wherever the gun is pointed to even if when you are running and the gun is swaying all around.

The game is currently in alpha, and yet it is still very beautiful, but that’s not all it has to offer. D.I.C.E. has really been working hard to get the sound right as well. There is a distinct difference in sound for what different guns sound like in different indoor and outdoor environments. Sounds will play an important role in combat, and most likely can be used as an advantage. From the looks of the Alpha, it seems as though Battlefield will once again be a big Call of Duty contender, but one thing is for sure though… It will still have drivers who get stuck on objects while driving in the middle of no where.



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