LVLONE Casting Call: All Skills Welcome

Now that E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) has ended last week and our team has recuperated from the event we want to get you! involved. Yes we attended E3 and saw some really cool shit but thats only the tip of the ice berg. Be apart video game site that’s growing and plans to do big things in the future. Do you have a love for games? Have an opinion on certain topics, are you maybe good at certain tasks? Well we’re looking for you, hell all of you!

You will have access to some of the most exclusive news, info, demo’s/games, contacts and events you have seen in gaming. Any skill you think you have we maybe looking for whether your good at social networking, writing articles, PC titles, Indie, MMO’s, consoles, advertising knowledge, shoot a flame thrower!? etc. nows your chance to be apart of something big and a fun with a fun team at that.

Send us a message here or type in a short one and sent here.Put your interests and any part you might want to be involved in with the header “I want to be apart of LVLONE!” and we’ll go from there. We welcome all and can’t wait to here from you.



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