iloMilo Review

Before I begin I just want to mention that I’ve seen my fare share of cuteness in games but this is by far the most adorable game I’ve ever played. While you might think that I’m making this sound like a bad thing, it only adds to its charm and great structure that the game brings to life. iloMilo is a puzzle Xbox Live Arcade game that utilizes 3D aspects, all into a stylized package.

Your adventure takes place with two best friends named ilo and Milo. They like to do nothing but be together, eat biscuits and drink tea. However every time they are apart it seems to get more difficult to find each other the next time. That’s where we come in. The main objective is to reunite the besty’s so they can do what they love to do. Their world floats on a 3D plane of boxes in which you need to maneuver yourself over obstacles in order to get them together. You will encounter missing blocks, creatures that block your path, blocks that extend etc. Not knowing what is coming up next is only part of the games excitement.

The game resembles something out of Little Big Planet with a patchy look to everything. It also throws plenty at you and quickly becomes a challenge. This means your going to sometimes have to plan ahead of time or you going to find yourself moving a couple of steps back to see what you did wrong. Big differences in difficulty can be found once you make it to the third world and beyond. Since different blocks within the stages also have different effects, you will also need to put some thought into how to proceed. Blocks can block one side but not the other, grabbing blocks to place them down so the opposite character can pick them up. The gameplay stays fresh with every new block that comes along as you progress.

Unlockables can be found in each stage as you collect pictures, records, and these little creatures called Safkas. Getting 100% in stages unlock more stages later on and give you cool bonuses. Besides how great it looks it also features this 16bit sounding soundtrack which goes very well with everything, I was impressed on how sharp it all plays out. The game can also be played cooperatively with a friend but it’s just like playing by yourself, with an extra controller. Since the game doesn’t feature Xbox Live support, the part of playing together stops there.

iloMilo can easily be passed off as a cutesy game for children but it’s so much more. Challenging puzzles, exciting new ways to figure out your next move, great visuals and sound are only some of the aspects to enjoy. Xbox Live support would have been the icing on the cake and coming from Microsoft it should have been a no brainer, however the game is fun for all, has plenty to unlock including a minigame and should be given a chance as you won’t be disappointed at what you encounter.

Overall = 8.2


  • Remy Cuesta

    [Editor-in-Chief] Co-founder of LVLONE I work to bring you our readers a fun outlet to read tech and gaming news, reviews and experiences.


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Remy Cuesta
Remy Cuesta
[Editor-in-Chief] Co-founder of LVLONE I work to bring you our readers a fun outlet to read tech and gaming news, reviews and experiences.


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