I am a Reviewer and Graphic Designer. I started playing games when I was 5-years-old. I've played with pretty much every console since the Atari days. I started getting into the review scene with the GBA SP. Nintendo didn't want to release a backlit handheld game system for TritonLabs released the Afterburner. I reviewed their unit and from there on, I've been reviewing gaming peripherals and gear. My biggest and well known review was for the Nintendo Wii Boxing Gloves. The rest is history. My reviews can be found at You can also find my videos at

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Review: XCM RE-Mapper for Xbox 360

To some, the Xbox 360™ controller is most arguably the best controller, but the button location may not be the perfect place for some games. In order to fix this, you may need to re-map some buttons that will suit your preference and gaming style. What if you're left handed and like to use the left LT as your shooting trigger and RT trigger for throwing grenades or even switching weapons? The XCM Re-Mapper allows you to re-map ANY button on a wired Xbox 360™ controller (except SELECT, START and Guide button) making gameplay that much easier, enjoyable and playable now.

Sony Announces PS3 Price Drop and inFamous 2 Bundle

PlayStation 3 320GB

  Yesterday, Sony announced that they have dropped the price of their 160GB and 320GB PlayStation 3 consoles to $249 and $299, respectively.

XCM Announces XFPS Rateup Adapter II Advanced for PlayStation 3

XCM XFPS Rateup Adapter II Advanced

XCM has announced a new update to their XFPS Rateup Adapter for the PlayStation 3. XFPS Rateup Adapter II Advanced is the same as its predecessor but now comes with a mouse.

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