CES 2023: OSIM’s uLove 3 Well-Being Chair a Dream

OSIM Introduces the Epitome of Wellness Technology with its Newest Stress Management Well-Being Chair at CES 2023

OSIM, introduced a Well-Being Chair, the uLove 3 at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show this year. This state-of-the-art chair ($9,990) combines advanced design and esthetic perfection by the leading luxury product designer, Italian design house Pininfarina, known best for their Ferrari designs.

The uLove 3 Well-Being Chair provides users with an alternative solution to stress as it’s not just your average massage chair. But rather, a complete well-being chair that can measure, monitor, and manage stress. In contrast to traditional massage chairs, the uLove 3 allows users to control their physical and mental health.  Stress impacts the body both physically and emotionally, activating the sympathetic nervous system. Thus causing increased heart rate, shortness of breath, and other health triggers. The uLove 3 Well-Being Chair offers a real-time, immediate solution. Powered by AI science and Electrocardiogram (ECG) technology, this product uses biosensors with the latest ECG technology to carefully measure a user’s stress levels using Body Tension Scores. Through OSIM’s well-being app and a patent-pending AI-Powered Algorithm, users can effortlessly track and understand their well-being scores. This includes their heart rate, respiration rate, and stress levels (HRV), which conceptualize an overall Body Tension Score. Additional support, like Guided Breathing exercises that further reduce stress and body tension, can be found in OSIM’s well-being app.

“As product research and development are at OSIM’s core, we’re excited to continue to grow our Well-Being Chairs and wellness-based products”. “As the world adapted to staying home due to the global pandemic, it really brought increased awareness to the importance of mental and physical well-being. OSIM’s uLove 3 provides an all-in-one solution to wellness and encapsulates innovative, smart technology designed to inspire people to live healthier and happier lives.”  – Lynn Tan, OSIM’s Deputy CEO.

Body Tension Programs are personalized to meet the needs of each individual, targeting areas of need for increased effectiveness. The uLove 3 Well-Being Chair’s patented massage technology provides an astute massage experience. Featuring V-Hand™ Plus Massage, the chair’s massage features imitate the hands of a professional masseuse, providing a realistic knead and grip motion. The 720° roller design follows the body’s contour in a fluid motion. The patent-pending 4-Hand™ Plus Massage includes four sets of rollers engineered to move together in perfect unison, mirroring two masseuses massaging the upper and lower back. Patented Body Warmth Technology soothes the entire back and calves to increase circulation and alleviate stiff muscles for a relaxing experience. To complete the full-body massage experience, the patented Leg-Reflex Massage provides complete relief targeting the calves and ankles, while a reflexology massage targets the feet.

“We are pleased to present the uLove 3 Well-Being Chair at CES 2023 to all attendees and to provide them an opportunity to test our wellness and massage technologies for themselves,” said Lynn Tan. “As OSIM continues to grow globally, with CES 2023 the first step, we’re excited to continue to provide a stress-relievingand well-being solution to the world.”



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