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Immerse yourself in entertainment and games with Immersit

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With the rapid growth we are seeing VR don’t you wish there was a more immersive experience or one that everyone can share? Well now there is with a Immersit. The company behind the product wants to give 4D thrill to your home with a plug-and-play product that can be used with any couch and that literally takes the user inside the movie or video game. The devise consist of four dynamic feet installed under a couch and moves, rotates and vibrates to what is going on screen.
The unit is not limited to movies as it works with games as well. The company is working with different developers of all types to make it as authentic as possible and with a successful CES 2016 showing it looks like they are in good shape. Feel every gunshot, every movement in a vehicle, footsteps and even jumping within your game like never before as the unit is said to work with Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC. To make it reality however they’ll need the help of backers as the project is currently on a Kickstarter campaign to make it happen. More info can be found on their Kickstarter campaign here but we’ll also keep you on the loop for more info as it comes in.

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3 Responses to Immerse yourself in entertainment and games with Immersit

  1. Avatar jordan says:

    This is pretty damn interesting if it works the way they say it does, hmm. Question is it an algorithm or are the games programmed?

  2. Avatar Hazynine says:

    An algorithm would be chaotic. I remember the buttkicker peripheral broke ground with this thing but never updated or took off. This looks like the next level in that category.

  3. Avatar Dalene says:

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