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Sony attributes lack of Vita coverage to time constraints

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As more and more Vita owners seek answers to the question of, “Where’s the Vita coverage?”, Sony’s president Shuhei Yoshida comes out and responds. Sony was notorious for having lengthy E3 conferences and wanted to reverse their trend. They decided to cut their conference to fit a 90-minute time slot this year, and with that came the decision to leave out more information on the Vita. Now, the decision to cut the Vita from the conference was possibly not the best idea because it was a recently-released system. Sony could have added a couple of more minutes in order to show off their Vita a little more. In an interview with Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida had this to say.

“It was our fault for not spending enough time on PS Vita content. We have 25 new games on the show floor, playable during E3. And many of them are fantastic-looking games; from our own library is LittleBigPlanet on Vita, which looks fantastic. We could have shown it off, or SoundShapes – coming up in August; it plays great – or some third-party [game] – Jet Set Radio on Vita is amazingly sharp and playable. So we could have shown more during the press conference. But I observed that the PR team’s one big focus was to make the conference shorter this year. We have been criticised for having a long conference in the past. So this year’s focus was let’s make it very compact and impactful. We have a kind of new thinking going on. But we still have to cover PS3, PS3-exclusive titles, third-party partnerships, and PS Move, and new initiatives on PS Mobile and network services, and PS Vita. If you really look for new information for PS Vita games coming out this year and early next year, we totally under-represented that.”

This gives gamers more hope in the Vita. We can only hope the next couple of months will be go time for Sony and their great handheld.

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