Fruit Ninja Kinect Review

Have you ever looked at a cellphone game and said to yourself “I’d really like to play this on a big screen”. Plenty of cellphone games are popular for their pickup and play style. Well Fruit Ninja Kinect is definitely one of those games but at what price are you willing to pay for it? They think 800 Microsoft points ($10) but what did we think is the better question.

Fruit Ninja Kinect’s offerings include an Arcade mode and Party mode. The first will let you play the arcade mode, unlocking new blade colors and backgrounds with certain highscores and challenges met. The second will let you play two-players co-operatively or competitively with a friend.

With the Xbox 306’s controller-less Kinect camera the game essentially is a no brainer to make for it. Instead of swiping your fingers on a tiny device or screen, you are now making full karate motions with your body. Everything from the original title works perfectly here and can be done in many new ways.

The real question is, is it fun? Yes, playing with a friend is easily entertaining and can really put a workout in depending on your efforts. The problem lies with the price tag of $10 for a game that runs you $.99 on your phone. Everything is essentially the same with the difference of flailing your arms around.

I like Fruit Ninja Kinect, hell it should have came to me sooner but it is hard to justify one of those pickup and play games that can easily get tiring after a couple of minutes for $10. Especially if the original is $.99. More features could easily make the price worth it and for those looking to get a party going with fun games this is one of them so don’t let the price be to much of a distraction because this game will create laughs.


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