Socom 4 Beta Keys Give Away On Justin.TV

Alrighty gamers, it’s gonna be time to give out a SOCOM 4 Beta Key. Interested? Good, all you guys have to do is post a comment saying how badly you want the code and why we should pick you. Then tune in Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at 9PM EST to and we’ll announce the winner of one of the beta keys we are giving out. Registering here on the site will give you a better chance to win. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!


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Rob Kwong
Rob Kwong
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  1. Alright lets right! I play Socom since Socom 1, in 2003 when i came to the United States i started playing by my cousin, he still plays now, by that time i never had a PS2 but couple months later i bought it with Socom 1, then a year later Socom 2 came out en decided to buy it, i was surprised about the work that was submitted in Socom 2, it was very good, then later Socom 3 came out and Combined Assault, but i decided not to buy them because Socom 2 was really worth it. Socom Confrontation came out on the PS3 Confrontation was mostly a Beta of Socom on a PS3 but they made it actually a full game wich it was pretty cool. Now on April 19, 2011 Socom 4 will be out. I follow socom traditions, they make the games worth playing it and its very fun. The only thing i don’t like about confrontation is that is only Online Multiplayer, but well it has a very good game engine, some bugs! But what ever i don’t mind. I am actually waiting to play the Beta of Socom 4 to test it. If the Beta seems good then i know if Socom 4 its worth buying it.

  2. the socom games are better tir.jai spend sleepless night has its great games.
    RAM socom.
    please,please,key beta socom
    thank you

  3. I’m not going to go on a rant about HOW MUCH I WANT THE SOCOM BETA KEY but it’d be realllllll cool if I had it.
    See, I work at Gamestop, so imagine me telling everyone that because of LvlOne, I got to play it WAYYYY BEFORE THEY HAVE!
    I’ll be the coolest guy there 8].

    Allllllll righttttt!

  4. I’ve been a Socom Fanboy since Socom 2. I dont have the money to buy PS+ and i want one REALLY bad to test out the game. PICK ME PLEASE


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