Dead Rising: Case West Review

Capcom has really put in a lot of effort into their Dead Rising franchise, along with the full retail sequel they’ve also released a stand alone prequel and now a continuation of the story involving the hero from the original game.

Dead Rising: Case West begins where Dead Rising 2 ends, Chuck meets up with Frank from the original game who is on his way to uncover some of secrets behind zombie outbreak. As the two join up the game goes more into the story and mysteries of the game and becomes a fun coop adventure.

The game is coop so there are two characters throughout the entire game, players can play by themselves and take control of Chuck while the computer controls Frank, or they can play with a friend over Xbox Live. Unfortunately there is no option to play local coop. However players will find that playing by themselves and with a friend are both done well. One of the things to point out is that when playing single player Frank can’t be killed so you won’t have to worry about protecting him or escorting him around so that saves players from a lot problems. With two players you can obviously plan your approach but if the two players aren’t working well with each other then it can get very difficult.

The basic gameplay of Dead Rising: Case West is almost exactly like the other games, players are in a big open area where they have to go around and complete missions to continue the main story. The mechanic of combining weapons together is used in Dead Rising: Case West so players can make some interesting weapons that were in Dead Rising 2 and some new ones. One of interesting things about the game however is that it does change things a little, you don’t have to escort survivors to a safe house anymore so that actually minimizes the missions that were more of a problem in the previous games.

The graphics and audio are the same as the previous games in the series, the environments and characters all look detailed and the voices of Chuck and Frank are done well. It’s still very impressive to see so many zombies on screen at once and with two players working together to fight them all looks nice.

Overall Dead Rising: Case West is fun game to play through, the game is equally a good single player and coop game. Fans of the Dead Rising series will definitely be interested to see what happens to Chuck and Frank, if you haven’t played Dead Rising 2 you’ll probably need to see the ending of it for the game to make sense but even if you haven’t played it you can still try out Dead Rising: Case West because its one of the best parts of the series.

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Overall = 8.5


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  1. To complete the game then players simply had to exist within the zombie-packed gameworld for six hours.. However much of the games charm lied in the freedom afforded to the player. Moreover they each have unique statistics making them variously sufficient or incapable.More importantly – and this was a crippling gripe with the first game – Case Zero introduces three save slots.


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