CES 2011: Onlive making its way onto Vizio TVs and devices

It has been announced that the cloud based gaming service Onlive is partnering up with VIZIO. The company will be offering the service installed on their TVs, Blu-ray players and mobile devices. This will be standard on VIZIO’s new VIA Plus line of products which will go into a whole new line of electronics this year. This is a big step for Onlive as it is one step closer into being a app line similar to Netflix on TVs.

It had also been mentioned that having the Onlive hardware installed into the TVs already will eliminate any lag input you get between the signal coming from a device. Since most of VIZIO’s line will include 3D it will make it easier for Onlive to get 3D content to those viewers.This looks to be something that can really take off and with other apps going onto TVs and media boxes this only seems like a natural fit.


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