Crackdown 2 – Review

It’s hard not to get excited over the sequel to one of 2007’s biggest sleeper hits. Crackdown brought you a world full of crime and corruption, your job was to clean the mean streets and do it in style. A new studio by Ruffian Games under its belt and two years of development time plan to make this game bigger and badder then the last. However immediately when into the world of the newest game you’ll notice not much has changed aside new modes to play with. So does this game justify your attention and purchase?

The game is set 10 years after the first, there is now only one criminal organization by the name of Cell and the newly infestation called the freaks. The freaks are mutated people and creatures that try to beat you by shear numbers over anything else. Aside this there’s not much beyond what you’ll get from the beginning of the game. Not to say we expected a real story line since the games focus is on all the antics you can get into, while running around in the city. We’ve gotta say that nothing feels better then mowing down a bunch of the infected with a car, explosive, guns or brute strength. Players can become the ultimate bad ass in this game with some new abilities as well.

Of course one of the things more imminent is the return of orbs and this time have made some fun ways in collecting them with Renegade Orbs. There are still regular orbs to collect throughout the entire city. Gaining skills for driving and strength are still earned by taking down criminals, stunts or mowing enemies down. With Renegade Orbs however, they will simply do everything they can to run from you, so you have to be diligent when trying to catch them. The return of the agencies voice work is back as well, telling you everything you want and don’t want to here which is nice.

For those who played Crackdown 1 this sounds familiar and this alone can probably hold you over but there are a few new things beyond this. 16 player multiplayer makes it in with three modes which are deathmatch, team deathmatch, and Rocket Tag. While we’re glad to see multiplayer in a game like this its often really chaotic and guns tear you down pretty fast. What’s the point of being a Super Hero if you can get killed with a couple of shots or by one fist to the face? A big new feature and is pretty much the game changer, is the four player co-op for the single player campaign. It’s so much fun playing with four people preferably friends that you can get lost for hours doing mindless activities.

Some of the big issues in Crackdown 2 are what have plagued the first game. Targeting doesn’t work correctly, unclimbable buildings, camera issues, etc. The fighting mechanic and driving have gotten better though. Single player campaign only lends itself to a set of missions and side missions repeated throughout the city, with nothing really boasting a challenge. Graphically and sound wise the game hasn’t changed, everything looks the way you’d expect it too, except that its aged 10 years so some structures are torn down a bit.

We can’t help but feel disappointed with all the desolate area’s, glitches and essentially a city thats already been built but hasn’t seen much changes. However if your a collecting freak that would love getting all the orbs, enjoyed the first Crackdown or for sure have four friends to get in on the action then this is your game. Crackdown 2 will provide fun and a fresher experience for those who haven’t played the first one but for those expecting a true sequel, you probably won’t find it here.

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Overall = 7.5


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