Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review

Ubisoft released Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands to coincide with the movie release as a interquel in the series. Although many people are use to these types of games not turning out to well, this game has familiar formula that works well for some, but not all. Does the series still live up to the name or does it need a new defining game?

This time the Prince starts off by helping his brother Malik, fight off an invasion. Armies of soldiers invade the kingdom and they are forced to retreat. As the fight proceeds, things don’t go as planned. Then out comes a Dijnn named Razia, helps guide the Prince in this quest to save the world.  

Now everyone is familiar with Prince of Persia and if you don’t know the pattern, here it is: group fight, jumping through obstacles, another fight, another set of obstacles, finally the boss battle, and repeat. Your going to want to remember that as you play this game. Not to take anything away from the game because it does present a level of style which is different then others but you get the logistics pretty early on.

The gameplay in this platform game is pretty fluid due to acrobatic play. There are challenging puzzles, nice scenery and environments look great. There is really good lighting and proper use of colors. Hallways with traps, scaling deformed walls and many battles with enemies. The sword fighting has been fine tuned and simplified since the previous games, but the prince has some nice special attacks that come along with his upgrades. As you get closer to the end of the game the combative abilities are better and more useful. The in-game camera helps to show you where your next leap should be.

The Prince gains the ability to rewind time to save you from many, many traps, freezing water to hold and swing on, temporary invincibility and jumping a further length using enemies. To incorporate for this style of play, all of the abilities take some getting used to because you are no longer just stopping time, you are freezing it to use elements within the game. With the increase in difficulty of the game you must combine the use of the powers to survive. There is a leveling system that takes quite a while to build, but it aids your progression in the game.  Boss battles can be pretty easy and are defeated pretty straight forward.

The story is not too dramatic, can get predictable and is along the lines of a usual Prince of Persia game. Progressing through the game introduces new abilities, challenges and puzzle solving making it enjoyable none the less. As an action-adventure game, it has a decent single player experience with plenty of achievements and different ways to go about particular scenarios. If you haven’t played any of the Prince of Persia games in the series, this ones pretty easy to pick up and play. Veterans will have a short run but none the less won’t want to pass it up.

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Overall = 7.6

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