KontrolFreek release hot new colors and bundles

KontrolFreek makers of the wildly successful FPS Freek and SpeedFreek attachments for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers has announced that they have released a variety of slick new color options for fans of their innovative products. After a chorus of loyal users requested more style from their Freeks, KontrolFreek has responded by offering their wildly popular FPS Freeks in a new, Stealth Black base, with a choice of either Stealth Black or Gunmetal Grey thumbpads on top

KontrolFreek’s current FPS Freek model, featuring a Classic White base and Gunmetal Grey thumbpads, will continue to be available as well, while the Original FPS Freek featuring a Classic White base and Stealth Black thumbpad has been retired:

KontrolFreek will now also offer gamers the choice of the versatile SpeedFreek in either Classic White or Midnight Black. Along with these new KontrolFreek style changes naturally come new KontrolFreek Gamer’s Packs! Now players can get just the right line-up to compliment the looks of either their white or black controllers. KontrolFreek Gamer’s Pack feature both outstanding KontrolFreek products – a pair of FPS Freeks and a pair of SpeedFreeks – bundled for the low price of just $24.99 including free shipping and handling worldwide. Gamer Packs now available consist of the following:

• Stealth Black FPS Freek w/ Gunmetal Grey thumbpads and Midnight Black SpeedFreek
• Stealth Black FPS Freek w/ Stealth Black thumbpads and Midnight Black SpeedFreek
• Classic White FPS Freek w/ Gunmetal Grey thumbpads and Classic White SpeedFreek

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