Final Fight: Double Impact review – Classic Sidescrolling Fun

Capcom has released Final Fight: Double Impact for XBLA and Playstion network. Final Fight and Magic Sword are classic side-scroller from in the SNES era. This time however its said to retain the classic goodness with the HD flair.

Final Fight is about Haggar, a famed martial artist who was appointed mayor of Metro City. His plan was to clean up the City’s crime but Mad Gear, a major criminal organization kidnaps his daughter Jessica in hopes of stopping him. He enlist Cody, Jessica’s boyfriend and Guy, a Bushin Ninjistu master to retrieve his daughter from Mad Gear.

Game play for Final fight is the classic beat-em-up arcade style identical to Streets of Rage. Players control Guy, Cody or Haggar as you fight through 6 stages in the game. Fight hoards of enemies, all ranging from little to huge guys and taking on Boss fights. Difficult is rather easy however you have no way defending yourself from attack. The only tool is a special attack which drains energy, to give some space when you get cornered or surrounded. Overall, Final Fight stays true to its roots and those who were fans of the original, will fine all the nostalgic moments here.

Magic Sword is a fantasy side-scroller. The main plot is that a hero named “The Brave One” is the only hope in saving the world from Drokmar, the games villain. He will have to climb a 51 story tower where Drokmar threatens the world with the “Dark Orb”. If you manage to foil Drokmar’s plans for domination, you will be given a choice on what you want to do at the end of the game.

This is a hack-n-slash style game. The Hero starts off with a sword but can gain more abilities as the player progresses. Players can also acquire teammates imprisoned in the tower, to help in their quest. The teammates are an Amazon, Ninja, Priest, Lizardman, Big Guy, and a Wizard. Each one has unique traits and abilities that will help. Similar to Final Fight, you fight hoards and hoards of enemies until you eventually reach a boss. However, in Magic Sword, each boss defeated, players can acquire stronger weapons.

Each game has its own unique achievements to get and can also be played online. Online functionality is great because anybody can jump in and play. Frame rate is pretty solid, with no hiccups what so ever. Each game has its own arcade cabinet when you jump in and whats great is the upscaler feature. Not only does it give you the crisp clean look and classic but it has a cabinet mode which looks pretty much like an original arcade. Acquiring certain achievements in the game, for instance in Final Fight players can unlock artwork and an episode of Street Fighter where they are in the Final Fight story plot with Ryu and Ken.

With remastered remixed soundtracks, arcade cabinet look and feel and online play you can’t go wrong. In all both games are classic side-scrolling fun that anyone can play. While we would have preferred something more in a full HD release ala Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, this game packs some features and have players busy with double the fun.

Overall = 8.8

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