Product: Caps4Stix review – analog stick covers

If you own an Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii its no surprise that with normal use of the controller, the rubber on the thumb sticks start to wear off. Those crisp little buds on the surface of the Xbox 360 controller, ridges of the PS3 and Wii controller will be no worn in only a couple of months. Caps4Stix rejuvenates your thumb sticks with their analog stick covers.

Caps4Stix are soft rubber thumb grips for your analog controllers and due to the soft grippy buds on the ends of the rubber, it will completely eliminate
the problem of your thumbs slipping off the stick during game play. We tested it for several different controls and consoles, our first was the Xbox 360. A snug fit and ideal use for the Xbox 360. It feels much better then the original analog grips, example when playing Modern Warfare 2 it added a little more precision with movements. On the PS3 since the analog sticks come up the buds on the covers pop out. It took us a second to get used to this feeling but again felt better then the original analog sticks.

These covers feel very natural and should have little to no slipping issues. They also work for various different controls on different consoles as well, the nunchuk for the Wii works great as well, however older controller thumb sticks may get stuck around the edges when fully rotating. That is because they evidently make the analog sticks bigger since this is a cover for the existing ones.

Overall these are a must for anyone that want as much precision as possible during gameplay. Whether you have an old or new controller they are definitely better then the factory made analog sticks. They will last longer and even when you get to the point where it will be worn out they are better then the original rubber. For about $1.99 you can’t go wrong with this product.

Pros: Feels great, Better feedback and easy to mount.

Con: Could use more colors


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  1. Where were these at E3 we some some other stick covers called grip-it and really liked them, but we didn’t see these what Hall and what booth were they at?



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