Facebook, Twitter, and Zune coming to XBOX 360!

It appears that the best of the best is coming to Xbox finally! Facebook, Twitter and Zune are going to be a part of the Xbox Llive community! This is exciting news. Not only can you chat with friends on Twitter and Facebook, but also if you have a Zune you can plug it in and watch movies onto your xbox and listen to music while you play and get free music video downloads with the Zune subscription. Aslo, with Facebook and Twitter you can customize your Avatar with the profile you make on the system. It is all connected with the outside world on the computer so even if your using an xbox with Facebook, you can talk to people using a computer! It’s amazing what xbox can do for it’s subscribers. Share pictures and messages all in one console.

Everyone uses Twitter and Facebooks and now use it on the Xbox! The program doesn’t come out until late 2010, but if you act now, they are having a preview subscription. All you need to do is go on www.xbox.com/XboxLiveUpdate and fill out a survey asking your xbox’s serial number, your Xbox
live gamertag, and your windows LIVE ID associated with your gamertag. Then submit survey and you could be chosen to be in the preview. Don’t worry, not everyone gets chosen so don’t feel bad if they didn’t e-mail you. For more information, check out the Xbox Live Dashboard with a video from Major Nelson.

If this program comes out it will be great for everybody in the Xbox Universe for all ages.


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