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Published on June 20th, 2009 | by The Bad Man


CONTEST!!! Design Our NCAA Football Team [PRIZE ANNOUNCED]

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Click on the image to visit the Create-A-School Page.

NCAA College Football 10 is scheduled to release July 14th but today EA officially launched their revolutionary Create-A-School website.  Through this website, you will be able to create your own team name, location, upload a logo (or use an existing one), choose a stadium, field layout, uniforms, prestige levels and even roster names and attributes.  After your team is created, you can then download it directly to your platform and play as them in the game, or other football fans can download your design and play with them as well.

Which brings us to our contest:

YOU will design the college football team for


1.  Sign in or register for an EA Sports account on the upper right hand corner of the screen. (Free of charge)

2.  Create a team using LvlOne as the team name with whatever nickname you want.

3.  Save our logo (below) by right clicking on the image and clicking “save image as”

4. Design our uniforms using our logo (provided below) in any way you want.

5.  Save your team design (top  of roster page) and post a comment here saying your team name so we, and everyone else, can check out your handy work.

The winning design will win a $50 game card to be used on either the Playstation Network or XBox Live, depending on which console you use, and the ability to use their created team in’s first ever NCAA Football Online Dynasty.

In order to view submitted designs, go to the Create-A-Team page and search for the team name.

Good Luck to all!


Use our logo in your design.

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7 Responses to CONTEST!!! Design Our NCAA Football Team [PRIZE ANNOUNCED]

  1. Avatar Soso says:

    Lvlone Luigis

  2. Avatar Mikewr81 says:

    User name: Mikewr81 – LVLOne Rough Riders

  3. Avatar Mystrx says:

    user name: Mystrx – LVLOne Sentinels

  4. Avatar drewski says:

    LvlOne Momentum

  5. Avatar Ab says:

    The Lvlone Infected ,from Raccoon City

  6. Avatar DSi says:

    Great stuff, will bookmark this and add your RSS to my feeds.

  7. Avatar Henry says:

    Great stuff! Keep bringing it. 🙂

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