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Published on June 17th, 2009 | by The Bad Man


FIFA 10 Website Now Up: Has Countdown

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The new FIFA 10 website is now up and running. This new site features an opening menu, prompting you to select your country. The home page for the site itself has a countdown to the games release, which is August 19th, 2009.

Some new features are already up on the site:
360 degree dribbling
The new and improved 360 dribbling system is the most realistic in any football (thats soccer for you US folk) game.
Skilled Dribbling
This feature will allow skilled players to use a greater arsenal of dribbling skills to get past defenders.
Physical Play Freedom
The new dribbling system as well as new collision sharing should result in better battles for possession of the ball.

Other features announced are:
Player Urgency
Improved Trapping Intelligence
Advanced Positioning
More Accurate Passing
Authentic Shooting
Varied Defending Options
Refined Goalkeeping Intelligence
Responding To Gamer Feedback
Authentic Manager Mode
Match Realism
Authentic Transfers
Believed Player Development
Immersive Football World
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4 Responses to FIFA 10 Website Now Up: Has Countdown

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  2. WATEVER says:

    These R Fifa 09

  3. PJ says:

    Fifa’s gona kill Pro Evolution Soccer .

  4. Alan jones says:

    Your blog is really nice to read

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