Madden 2010 Preview with pro-tak animation system video

In our preview for Madden 2010 we take a closer look at some of the features in the game such as Online Dynasty mode, Franchise mode and the expanded stat range. Here’s what we thought.
One of the most recent developments is the Online Dynasty mode. Similar to the way NCAA Football’s Online Franchise Mode runs, this will allow players so control their team in a dynasty with friends from across the street, or across the country.
Previously announced are the expanded stat range meaning players stats can range from 35-99 instead of 62-99 in some cases. A larger stat range really will separate players’ abilities. Injuries also received a little tweak. Now major injuries will show trainers helping players off, or getting carted off for really serious injuries. Also, for minor injuries, you will receive the option to play through the injury, risking causing a more severe injury.
The adaptive AI feature is also really cool. The computer will react the the plays you run. For example, if you run up the middle often, the computer will call more defensive plays to clog the middle. Similarly, if you pass on every down, the computer will select more of a preventive defense.
QB Stats also received an overhaul. Now accuracy is broken into short, medium and long accuracy. Also the ability to throw on the run and sell the play-action is added to further separate the mediocre QB to the greats.

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