Wii MotionPlus released


Fresh from the thrills of E3, the gaming community is now very excited about the new motion technologies shown by Microsoft and Sony. The problem is these technologies won’t be released for over a year, but you can pick up a 1:1 motion controller today with Nintendo’s Wii MotionPlus.
The new accessory was released somewhat quietly a few days ago for $24.99 and although it’s too early to tell it most likely will stay quiet for at least one more month. The reason because is Nintendo’s accessory was launched with just two games that support the technology: Tiger Woods PGA 2010, and Grand Slam Tennis. Important to note however both games have gotten decent reviews from several sites and critics, IGN has named Tiger Woods ’10 “the definitive golf game on any system”. However neither game is a flagship title nor do they appeal to everyone, leaving many gamers not caring for Wii Motion Plus.


The reason that it will take a month for Wii MotionPlus to most likely pick up is because of Wii Sports Resort, the sequel to the Wii’s pack in game, Wii Sports Resort is said to fully show off what Wii MotionPlus can do with games like Archery, Sword fighting, and BasketBall. The game will also be shipped as a bundle with MotionPlus, this also adds on to why many gamers are most likely holding off purchasing the accessory. We will keep you up to date on how the Wii MotionPlus fares in sales and reception soon.


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