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Published on June 1st, 2009 | by Remy Cuesta


E3 ‘09 Microsoft announces new 3D Motion Vision Camera

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The long awaited rumor of Microsoft entering the motion scene is no longer just a rumor, it has finally made its debut. It was thought Microsoft would announce a motion like controller at last years E3 but with no mention those talks quickly fizzled into dust. Today at Microsoft’s Press conference we got a glimpse of it, not in the form of a motion wand controller however but of a new vision camera ? Yes you heard correct this camera code name “Project Natal” is able to detect full 3D movements within the game for a totally new experience.

A demo using your whole body was shown along with Peter Molyneux giving us a look at a young girl interacting with Milo a simulated game character. Other tech trailers were shown giving an impression of the possibility with the new camera .


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  1. Avatar insainB says:

    Hopefully the get the use of some kind of controller then it’ll be perfect!

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